Department of Electrical Drives and Machines

The Chair of Electrical Drives and Machines of the Lublin University of Technology is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

In terms of scientific activity the staff of the Chair have a number of research achievements related to the subject of regulated AC drives, as well as involving the use of renewable sources of energy. In particular, the Department has a strong track record in terms of:

  • the use of photovoltaic batteries to power regulated electric drive systems,
  • latest passenger lift controls,
  • the selection method of propulsion systems,
  • control and regulation of wind power generators operating with a widely variable rotation speed,
  • sensorless speed control systems in drives with induction motors,
  • diagnostics of propulsion systems,
  • control of piezo-active elements in vibration and mechanical stress compensation systems.

Lectures, seminars and laboratories are conducted at the II, III, IV and V year of studies.

Numerous contacts with national and foreign institutions and with industry ensure the presence of the Chair in important scientific events and cooperation in addressing common research topics.

The Chair takes care of the research activities of the Scientific Circle "Mechatronician", which brings together students wishing to deepen their knowledge in the field of modern technologies related to electrical machines, their construction and operation as well as to computer control systems.

Head of the Department is dr hab. inż. (Assoc. Prof.) Wojciech Jarzyna (DEng), Professor of the Lublin University of Technology.