Graduate Profile

Profile of an Electrical Engineering graduate

The graduate has practical and theoretical skills in the design, manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic equipment, automation, drive, computer measuring systems and the production and processing of electrical energy including renewable energy sources. May apply for permission of the Association of Polish Electricians regarding maintenance, repair, service and installation of electrical equipment and control and measurement devices up to 1kV. Thanks to a comprehensive education can lead design work, research and development in both small companies and large industrial plants, design and engineering offices and laboratories.

Profile of a Computer Science graduate

The graduate shows familiarity with computer science for independent troubleshooting in the information field, preparation, implementation and verification of projects, ability of practical use of IT tools and proficiency in programming. Has the knowledge and technical skills in the use of computer hardware and software. Depending on the profile of studies may find employment as a researcher, designer and creator of software, administrator of complex information systems, designer, creator of teleinformatic and computer networks and computer network administrator, specialist in information systems security, specialist in the field of computer graphics, multimedia and mobile systems, web application developer.